Prof. Richard Beasley


Professor Richard Beasley is a physician at Wellington Regional Hospital, Director of the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand, and Professor of Medicine at Victoria University of Wellington. He is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Otago and Visiting Professor, University of Southampton, United Kingdom. His research interests in respiratory medicine are primarily in the fields of epidemiology and clinical management.

Richard Beasley enjoys a well-deserved global reputation as a researcher and clinician. Most recent publications include the Novel START and PRACTICAL real world studies of Symbicort anti-inflammatory reliever used as needed in asthma.

Richard is a member of the SYGMA Steering Committee, the NOVELTY Study Scientific Committee and an author on the Lancet Commissions on Asthma 2017 and Further paradoxes in asthma management: Time for a new approach across the spectrum of asthma severity published in European Respiratory Journal on November 5th 2018

What this webcast will cover: The paradoxes of asthma management Enhance ICS use in poorly compliant patients who over-rely on SABA Anti-inflammatory reliever therapy Asthma Management plan: key points for the doctor and patient

Why choose anti-inflammatory reliever therapy in asthma?

  • Date: 11/11/2019   Time: 02:00 – 02:45 NZDT
This promotional meeting is organised and funded by AstraZeneca.
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