• Megan Gorczyca

    Speaker Senior Global Product Manager for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Cell Culture early phase initiatives, which include media optimization services, cell line development kits and GibcoRapid Prototyping Media manufacturing. She is a graduate of Arizona State University, with more than a decade of experience in the health and life sciences industries nationally and globally.
  • Jennifer Zatina

    Speaker Global Product Manager for Gibco™ PD-Express Services. She joined Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2020 and her areas of responsibility include Bioproduction Analytics and Media and Feed Panels. Prior to joining Thermo Fisher Scientific, she spent over 10 years working in product development and management in the dietary supplement industry.
  • Femi Egbebi

    Speaker The Senior Global Product Manager for Media Development Services / Omics capabilities at Bioproduction Group of Thermo Fisher Scientific. He has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the Louisiana State University. Prior to joining Thermo Fisher in 2018, he held various technical research roles at major engineering firms.
  • Hyo Jin Kim

    Host APAC Regional Market Development Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Event Info


Cell Culture Media Selection Journey and Manufacturing Webinar

  • Date: 26/08/2021Time: 10:00 AM India / 12:30 PM Singapore & Beijing / 1:30 PM Tokyo & Seoul
Key Topics:
  • Considerations for media selection during process development
  • Different solutions for media selection journey:
    media library panel vs. catalogue media testing vs. media development project
  • Understanding the Gibco™ Panel Evaluations workflow and experimental design
  • Innovative multi-omics workflow for cell culture media development
  • Using the power of media analytics to further optimize your process
  • Robust media manufacturing solutions and supply for new and existing formulations
  • Introduction of Gibco™ PD-Express™ Services
  • Engage with the experts in a live Q&A session

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